Interior Design Consultation
Marble And Art offer you their advice on style, placement and decoration upon request.

Custom Made Projects
We design to your particular requirements. Working to individual measurements for images and wall coverings at any scale. Horizontal or vertical surfaces, from very large wall decorations to more complex and detailed designs.

Special Projects
In the case of a special request for your interior we also curate your personal images translating them into elegant workmanship and design onto the marble surface.

All orders will be shipped from Italy domestically and internationally. Shipping charges are based on the weight of the order and distance from the warehouse to your destination. Marble And Art products are ready for delivery typically three to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the order. Ocean freight may take six to eight weeks to arrive.

Product Shipment Warranty
We have developed an unique method to pack and safely ship marble products. In case any damage occurs please send us a claim with pictures attached via email as soon as possible (no later than 72 hours). We will dispatch our carrier to carry out an inspection. After the necessary reviews/ verification are conducted and the claim with the carrier is granted, or the damage arises from original defects, we will arrange to produce replacement parts for you.